Regional Development Policies

09.35 - 12.00  |  Konak Meeting Hall

Cyber Security

09.30 - 12.15  |  Konak Meeting Hall

While cyber technology provides opportunities and facilities such as information storage and transmission, it has also caused to the emergence of a new security threats especially in recent years. For this purpose, on 18 June 2018, CIES CSO Clinique will organize a training entitled ‘Cyber Security’ in cooperation with Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Application and Research Center at Kadir Has University.

Urbanization and Sustainable Cities

09.30 - 13.00  |  Konak Meeting Hall

Sustainable Development Goals include sustainable cities and habitats as the 11th target will be the starting lesson of STK Clinique. In our training on 22 June 2018, in partnership with WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities, we will focus on Urbanization and Sustainable Cities.

Yearly Plan

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