Why We Chose "Clinique" Label?

The “Clinique” aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations (with a focus on youth) by increasing their knowledge and developing their skills. The term is based on the commonly used definition which refers to a Clinic as “a group meeting devoted to the analysis and solution of concrete problems or to the acquiring of specific skills or knowledge; a facility that offers professional services or consultation” (M Webster). Based on this analogy the aim of the CSO Clinique is to bring together experts and individuals involved in CSOs to learn, discuss, diagnose, find solutions and treatment for challenges issues.

The concept of "Clinique" stems for various descriptions that cover the aims and capacity building activities on the knowledge improvement and skill development for CSOs. A Clinique is a group meeting and a class of instruction that facilitates the participants to analyse, to diagnose the problems and produce solutions and treatment. Plus, a Clinique is a facility that offers professional services or consultation. Therefore, we name the training program at the CIES as CSO Clinique.


The purpose of the CSO Clinique is to empower civil society with adequate knowledge and tools so they can effectively represent society. The CSO Clinique will offer a minimum of two trainings per month throughout 2018. Half day and daylong trainings will be organized depending on the topic and the target group. Experienced professionals and academics will be lecturing on chosen topics. The trainings will be designed as a combination of lectures, discussions, and working groups. Sharing stories of what works and what do not work to increase social impact will be an essential part of the trainings. CSOs participating this Clinique will also have a chance to widen their network.


The trainings will enable participants to deepen their knowledge on areas of interest. Knowledge improvement will cover the most fundamental concepts such as good governance, sustainable development, environmental protection, climate change, gender issues and migration. Skill development will cover issues such as strategic management, communication, project development, psychological first aid and fundraising in order to improve technical capacities.

Training Topics

Knowledge Improvement:

• Migration
• Governance/Empowerment
• Gender Issues
• Urbanization/Smart Cities
• Education
• Environmental Concerns
• Climate Change
• Sustainable Development Goals

• Regional Policies

Skill Development:

• Leadership
• NGO Management
• Consensus Building
• Communication
• Project Development/Fundraising
• Psychological First Aid

Shoots from Previous Events


Why You Should Attend?
  • To keep updated in a rapidly changing world

  • To gain a better theoretical and practical understanding for the related issues in an academic/scientific environment

  • To have a deeper knowledge and to strengthen the skills for the future

  • To follow the developments in international arena

  • To be a part of international activities

  • To widen the network in a multi-player group

  • To get an interdisciplinary understanding in a complex world

  • To increase the chance for fundraising through better background/ better knowledge and skills

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