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The Main Objectives of the Committee is to:
  • Provide recommendations and guidance to ensure effective outreach and activities with high impact.

  • To pursue a visionary thought leadership with the combination of well-informed yet diverse points of view.

  • Make more constructive decisions due to the experience and wide range of expertise of the Members.

  • Provide advice on the design and the plan/structure of the program.

  • Critical public relations role, help improve dissemination, and increase awareness of the project with the goal of ensuring its successful implementation.

  • Contribute and advise on course development for the NGO Clinique.

  • May select to advise on future sustainability of the project such as fundraising.

  • Provide key information, materials and access to networks to the CIES in order to implement the Project with utmost success.

The advisory committee is comprised of prominent and credible members of Turkish society. The main objective of the committee is to provide advice, guidance and recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the project on “Striving for Good Governance: Civil Society Strengthening and Youth Empowerment “.


The Project summary is as follows: The revival of populism, nativism, insidious authoritarianism and anti-globalism tend to be new global trends whereby civil society groups face new challenges and constraints. The aim of the project is to strengthen the profile and capacity based on the premise that a strong civil society is an essential pillar of democracy. It is unthinkable to attain democracy without good governance which involves citizens and civil society organizations in articulating and being actively involved in policies that affect them.


The study will result in two significant outcomes: The first is a CSO needs assessment report based on a high level roundtable discussion and workshops with inclusive consultations. The second part will focus on a range of capacity building activities. An NGO "Clinique" will be established offering numerous trainings to increase the knowledge and awareness of NGOs on most urgent needs to facilitate and strengthen participatory democracy. Youth will be the specific focus of the project with the aim to increase their involvement in civil society at the national and international levels.

Frequency of Meetings

The first meeting will be held on April 11, 2018 in the initial phase of the project.


The second meeting will be held in December 2018 in the final phase of the project.

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